The Big Youth Accelerator

The Big Youth Accelerator (BYA) has launched as part of the Big Youth Group (BYG). This new scheme has great potential to help young people into employment - so we wanted to shout about the initiative and explain more about what it is and how young entrepreneurs can benefit.

What is the Big Youth Group?

The BYG is a group of companies focused on helping and improving the futures of young people. Working with businesses of all sizes, the BYG aims to educate and change employer attitudes to help young people gain better pathways into employment.

In recent weeks, the group has secured partnerships with Accenture, Sage and Google. Alongside educating businesses, the group aims to focus on improving the odds for young people by giving them a platform to get ahead in the working and business worlds.

Founders: Jack Parsons (Left) and Paul Frampton

What is the Big Youth Accelerator?

The Big Youth Accelerator is the only accelerator that is solely focused on supporting young entrepreneurs on their business journey. Aimed at 18-30 year olds who own a startup in the recruitment, martech, eCommerce or social sectors, the accelerator will provide access to a unique combination of expertise from big businesses and successful startup founders.

The accelerator comprises of 250 experienced mentors, advisors and investors that are on-hand to help young people succeed in their own business ventures.

The services that members of the BYA will receive are;

  • Back office services - help with finance and legal factors of business
  • Business plan creation and commercial support
  • Proposition and purpose development
  • Brand building - how to build a meaningful brand
  • Acquisition - how to acquire a community and customers
  • Sales advice - how to build effective pipeline and close deals
  • Connection to business opportunities and investors
  • Personal brand - how to build your personal brand across social media and through the use of content marketing
  • Mentoring from experienced advisors who buy into your vision.

If you’re interested in becoming a member of the BYA, the process is simple. Send in a one-page document outlining why you should be considered to join the cohort. As hundreds of applications will be received, unfortunately not everyone may be successful.

All applications should be sent to:

The key to getting noticed is to really crystallise the problem you are solving with your business vision, why you started the business and the journey you will go on to achieve success. Details of the investment you have raised to date and how your commercial model for generating revenue works, should also be included.

What happens next?

Along with some experienced advisors, including the COO of Google, COO of Compare the Market and author of Rough Diamond, the BYA will be shortlisting startups to take on a face-to-face pitch to a panel of judges.

To find out more about the Big Youth Group and the accelerator visit

You can follow the founders Jack Parsons and Paul Frampton on Twitter using @paul_framp and @JackParsons_CEO.